AMPS Atlanta 2018 Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2018

Hobbytown USA

Attendees: David Black, Kevin Westphal, Tony Zadro, Mike Reaves, John Matlock, David Oswalt, David Hobbs, Mike Whone, Tim Deimler, Matt McKean, Rob Cogan, David Price and Mike Wolfe.

Bob, a visitor from the Czech Republic was back with us today.

Club Business: 

The Hobbytown USA show/swap meet will be held on October 6th.

Annual Show in February:

  - Model Registration Fee will go from $20 to $25 (Still unlimited entries)

  - The Awards Ceremony will move to 6 PM on Saturday

  - We need some ideas/volunteers for Seminars

  - We are planning a visit to the Armor & Cavalry Museum Restoration Area Friday AM 

Models and Modeling Discussion:

​Tony Zadro had his finished and mounted Russian SU 122 Branov Stug III conversion.  He used the MR Models resin conversion kit.  He added dented fuel tanks from MIG.  Cabbages used on the base were provided to him by Randy Cook.  Overall Model Master paints were used.

Kevin Westphal had a finished Tamiya Sdkfz 222 and several US Halftrack books. He also had Flames of War: Team Yankee Modern Armor T55 AM2 and T72 M.

Mike Wolfe had 4 1/72 IBG early war German armored vehicles.  A Pz II A with early suspension, a Pz III A, Pz IV A and a Stug III prototype.  He used White Ensign and Hataka paints on these vehicles.  He also had several in box models; two Model Collect E100 varients and a  Revell/Italieri M109.

Mike Whone brought two in progress kits, the Tamiya Churchill with AFV Club track and the Tamiya 251D with Dragon magic tracks.  The Churchill has a base coat of Tamiya Dark Green paint.  He also had a Dragon 1/72 Sdkfz 232 still in progress.

Matt McKean had several 1/35 kits that he is presently working on. A Tamiya Pz II, a Tamiya Wespe, a Tamiya IS III with range target damage, a Tamiya Stug IV in winter camo and a Tamiya Panther II in three color camo.  Tamiya paint was used through out with weathering don with pigments and oils.

David Hobbs had two in box models, the 1/35 Takom M3A1 Lee and the M3A1 CDL.  Both models look excellent.

Club Project:

Mike presented the next Part of the M2/3 Dragon Halftrack ​build.  He is still building the 3 different versions of the Dragon kits.  

That's it for this month. 

As usual, some went over to Side Lines for lunch and lies.

See everyone next month.

 AMPS Atlanta