AMPS Atlanta December, 2017 Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2017

Hobbytown USA

Attendees: Mike Reaves, David Black, Kevin Westphal, Tony Zadro, David Hobbs, Gregg Gaither, Mike Wolf, Mike Whone, Randy Cook, John Matlock, David Oswalt, Dean Oswalt, Cliff Lloyd, David Price and Ken Gunter.

Club Business: 

February Show: 

Dave Black has sent out Vendor invitations. Hopefully we will hear back from vendors.  Right now we have confirmed attendance by the following vendors: SABOT Publications, Easy One Productions, HQ 72 Resin, and a couple of individuals, Mark Campbell and Gregg Gaither. Show T-shirts can be pre-ordered, an email with details will come out shortly.  A Ft. Benning Restoration area visit is being set-up for Friday morning.  It will be handled slightly different from past years, and details will be posted shortly.  Be watching this website, and our page and the AMPS National page on Facebook for information.

​The January Club meeting will be held on the second Saturday (Jan 13th) due to the Chattanooga show.

Upcoming Show News:

​​The Chattanooga TN., show will be held at the Chattanooga Conference Center on January 6th.    

Models and Modeling Discussion:

Mike Wolf had several 1/72 models.  A I BG Type 89, a Revell Leopard IA5, a Dragon M2A3 in the ODS paint scheme with reactive armor and four in bag S Model tanks.  All of which are early British tank variants.

Mike Whone ​had his 1/35 Tamiya Easy 8 Sherman with two in-progress figures. He is still working on painting and weathering.   He also had a Tamiya Panzer III that he has added quit a bit of extras including a scratch built jerry can rack, extra tracks on the front for protection and Fruil tracks.

Ken Gunter had a1/72 M29 Weasel that he is building.

Dave Hobbs had two Sherman kits, that he is working on.  A Dragon M4A3 to which he is adding an interior, and an Easy 8.  He also showed us a track jig he has built to make track assembly easier.

​Tony Zadro had an after Market Panther turret with camouflage tarps he is working on for his latest Panther model. 

Randy Cook had his completed Ferdinand mounted on a base.  The base was made from a kitchen drawer organizer that he turned upside down and used pink foam insulation as a foundation for the scenery.  It depicts a tank moving through a cabbage patch.  The cabbage is hand made, and the old lady holding the pitch fork is a modified Doug's Original. He also has two Modified German tankers.  The bird house is scratch built.  The Ferdinand has Fruil tracks.

Dave Price had a 1/35 Trumpeter SA-4.  It consists on many small fragile parts.  He is using Indy Tracks on the model.

Cliff Lloyd is still working on his scratchbuilt Morris C8 Airborne AT Tractor.  He has added a Bronco towed 17 Pounder  The 17 Pounder build has been plagued by poorly fitting parts.

Dave Black had his M60A1 (Club project).  It has stowage added and 98% of the weathering completed.  He also had three modified figures, a Dragon/Tamiya Driver and two Alpine figures that started out as German Tank Commanders and are now Cold War American tank crewmen.

​Kevin Westphal brought a new in box Takon Merkeva.  

That's it for this month.  As usual, some went over to Side Lines for lunch and lies, and then back to Hobbytown to spend money we didn't have on things we didn't need.

See everyone next month.

 AMPS Atlanta