AMPS Atlanta 2018

                                                                    Atlanta Armor, Figure, and Modeling Contest and Exhibition

                                            This year the show will be held at Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center

                                                                            Very important! Please read carefully!!!

​                      The cut-off date for room reservations, to take advantage of the special room rate, has been extended until

                      midnight January 31, 2018. Any reservations after this time will be at the Center's usual rate which is considerably

                      higher than the $99 special show rate.

                                                                                        Again, read carefully!

                       If you have already made reservations, you are good to go with no further action necessary on your part. If you

                       have not made reservations yet, you will need to make them through the old hotel, the Marriott (see information

                       below), as noted in previous literature. The Marriott will handle, and is handling all reservations through the

                       deadline (1/31/18). After the cut-off deadline passes, all of the reservations will be delivered into the Hilton System

                       where you may claim your room(s) on arrival at the new hotel.

                                                     For Reservation Purposes: Atlanta Marriott Century Center 404-325-0000


​​                      Those who have made reservations for  the  Show in February have, or will soon , receive an e-mail from the old

                       Show hotel  giving you a new Reservation Confirmation number for the HILTON and cancelling your confirmation

                       number at the Marriott. Additionally, you will be asked to call the HILTON and guarantee your reservation with

                       your credit card information. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. I have just talked with Hilton and the entirety of our Show

                       reservations are guaranteed automatically. Just present your credit card or method of payment when you arrive

                       for the Show. The Hilton is trying to avoid several hundred unnecessary phone calls. They also do not accept credit

                        card info over the phone anyway.

                                                                                          16-18 February, 2018


                                                                           2017 Show Theme:


                       REFORGER 1969 - 1989

                    ​( Any Tracked or Wheeled Vehicle used by a NATO country during any REFORGER Exercises)

                                                                         Brief History of REFORGER




                                                                                     Download Show Flyer

​                                                                        Download Master Administration Form (1 per Modeler) 

                                                                    Click Here to Download Model Registration Form (1 per Model) 

                                                                   Over 110 Vendor Tables! At Least 25 Armor Only Vendor Tables!

                                                                               All Models Judged With The AMPS Open System!

                                                                             A Great Way To Tune Up For The  AMPS Nationals!

                                                                                    Great Southern Climate And Hospitality!


                                                                                           Seminar 1: Brett Avants
                                                                                           1 hour:
                                                                                            Photographing and Researching Armored Vehicles
                                                                                            Seminar 2: Chris Mrosko
                                                                                             2 hours:
                                                                                             Airbrushing, Weathering and Finishing Armor Models


Schedule of Events:

Friday,                               7:00 – 9:00 pm – Exhibitor registration and set up.

                                          7:00 pm Exhibit and vendor halls open


                                          9:00 pm Exhibit and Vender Halls close

Saturday,                          9:00 am – Exhibitor registration opens, vendor hall open

                                         10:00 am – Exhibit hall opens

                                         12:00 noon – Exhibitor registration closes

                                          7:00 pm – Vendor and Exhibit halls close for the day

Sunday,                             9:00 am – Exhibit and vendor halls open

                                          11:00 am – Awards presentation

Things to do while in Atlanta! Or - where to send your spouse while you're at the show!

                                                                      Click on the links below for details.

                                       National Infantry Museum

                                       Stone Mountain Park

                                       World of Coca Cola Museum

                                       Georgia Aquarium

                                       Zoo Atlanta

                                       Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park

                                       Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama

                                       High Museum of Art

                                                                                               Modeling Contest

Possibly the most important aspect of any AMPS event is the Modeling Contest. As anyone who has been to the show knows, the AMPS judging system has led the way in terms of fairness and credibility. Judging is done by a group of four judges, who evaluate each entry - not by what is wrong with it, but by what is right with it! To ensure fairness, the lowest score of the four is removed, and the other three are added. The system is a modified open system, allowing an unlimited number of medals to be awarded to entrants who achieve a certain point total. There is no actual competition, the entrants are competing only against themselves using a defined schedule of values for comparison. Experience levels are established to eliminate the intimidation factor so often associated with most shows.

                                                                  The AMPS Difference

Every year, people come from all over the world to experience what most consider to be the most fair and honest judging system available. As described above, AMPS judging is based on an open system, designed to reward the modeler for good work. To enable the modeler to present his most positive points to the judges, the system establishes five different classifications with which the modeler identifies himself, based on his own skill level. When the entry comes to be judged, it is reviewed to establish the skill level of the competitor and then judged accordingly. The classifications are described as follows:

Junior - Specifically set up for the younger modeler, this class gives the modeler the best chance to grow in the hobby and experience the AMPS philosophy.

Basic - This group is set up for the beginner modeler, and those of us who are just getting back into modeling after a long layoff (i.e. school or family). Intermediate - By far the largest group, it includes modelers of varying skill levels who do not regularly enter competition or do not regularly win or place.

Advanced - For the more skilled modeler, these modelers regularly win or place in local and regional competitions.

Check back often as we will update the site with further details.


 AMPS Atlanta